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Start Shaping Your New Life Today

Is it Possible that you are…

Above 25 years and below 45 years?

Looking for work or want to change careers?

Feeling stuck in a job you feel not fulfilling?

Having some strong inner drive to make some change, but don’t know how?

Going through stress, conflict or internal crisis in your family life?

Frustrated in trying to get true love, but all the while you are let down by men or women you meet?

Always getting rejections from job applications?

Feeling like you are in a vicious cycle of borrowing, paying, borrowing more, and now overwhelmed by debt?

Trying to make positive changes but falling back to the same old past?

Ready to command your life and bring out the real person within?

I Can Help You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

This is a personalized leadership development program that will stimulate and create the momentum you need to push yourself to the higher level you desire.

It is based on the creation of a strong and trusting relationship and partnership that allows you to clarify thoughts and practices that have brought you so far, increase your self-awareness, and understand your fears. We then work to set realistic goals that can start you off your leadership journey.

What differentiates successful people from those struggling to gain success is the secret of getting a coach. Coaching develops potential, improves performance, and guides one on the track especially when dealing with the ‘tough corners’ that can throw one off the track.

How to get Started

Book your Free 30 Minute 1:1


Choose a package that works for you


Start you personalized Coaching

Our lead Mentor, will be there to support and coach you throughout the journey through

One to one physical coaching as well as Virtual meetings
The number and timing of meetings will be personalized depending on your needs
We offer take-home responsibilities and tools to help you break the vicious cycle

Your Investment

KES 1,000

One off Session

KES 10,000

3 Months Plan

KES 20,000

6 Months Plan


Payments can be made in instalments also a minimum investment of at least 2 hours per week

Payment modes:

Equity Bank
Paybill: 247247
Account: 0150190741927

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