This week, I delved into the book, ‘The Power of your Sub Conscious Mind’ by Dr Joseph Murphy. A great book that will turn around your way of thinking. The good doctor basically tells us about the power of our sub conscious thinking and how we are because we think, and we are a product of our thoughts.

The sub conscious part of our mind is a very obedient and diligent worker for us and as soon as we direct it in a positive direction, we can achieve exceedingly, abundantly and above all that we can imagine or think. As a perpetual student of leadership, I was simply fascinated with the notion of how the sub conscious mind makes a leader.

It quickly showed me why certain people seem to naturally influence and achieve more through others while some others struggle through the process. Then I read about leadership crucibles. What triggers the sub conscious mind to work overdrive and make many people leaders.

When people are faced with adversity and tough times, true leadership is made manifest. The skills to conquer the adversity and life bitter moments are so similar to what is needed for leadership. These are called the crucible experiences.

Just like Alchemist, the process of heating metals to a point of purifying it to produce strong and pure forms, leadership is demonstrated by a point of deep self-reflection that forces one to question who they are and what is his or her true purpose for living. That painful moment when all friends have disappeared, family members have disowned you, and you are literally between a rock and a hard place.

Some of these experiences are violent, life-threatening events. Others may be a loss of job, disease, an accident that causes total lifestyle change, and a pandemic such as the Covid-19 with all its changes to how we live as we knew it.

Harvard Business school defines a crucible as a trans-formative experience through which an individual comes to a new or an altered sense of identity. Through it, one gains a clearer vision of who they are, the role they play, and their place in the world.

So what is your crucible. Outstanding leaders will be courageous to go through the purifying experience of crucibles we face, and come out pure and hardened on the other side.

Have a crucible-filled week.