True leaders think of the next generation, but Politicians think of the next election”

It is no doubt that the happenings in Kenya’s political arena is a classical case study in leadership or lack of it. The problem is all the players whom we have idolized and looked up to are politicians and not leaders. The posturing and the game of musical chairs happening in Jubilee, NASA, Ford K, Wiper and all the other political vehicles is no surprise.

Let me take you back to history. Our leadership philosophy originated from the Roman empire, which they learned from Greek. They did not destroy the Libraries. So the Romans read and were educated through the Greek philosophy.

When the Roman empire fell based on immoral Czars or King’s, the Europe region which they had colonized fought back and took over the domination of the lands that the Roman empire controlled. But they continued the Greek ideology and practices. The particularly believed that leaders were given by the gods. So, if you were charismatic (likeable), white, or very brown skinned, white hair, sharp nose, tall and eloquent, you were sent by God to the world to lead.

Such God sent leaders were powerful and they subdued the natives. They had more land and hence huge plantations. That was the signal of power. The more acreage, the more powerful one was. So they fought and grabbed as much land as possible. In the end therefore they wanted more labour.

So, they came to Africa. And boy, they found strong and powerful black men. With all the features that told them they were not god given as leaders but as tools for the ‘true leaders’ to use. The slave trade started. A legal practice. Because of their black skin, flat noses and non eloquence, they thanked God for giving them the ‘animals’ to work in their farms, that the slaves were.

Infact, they came with the gospel from the Roman empire and they justified slavery by quoting selectively verses that subdued them. So when they left physically, the philosophy of leadership was left with us. A faulty Greek and Roman empire ideology of master and slave mentality.

Our politicians have perfected this. The skill of amassing as much wealth as possible, grab more land as one can, and subdued a group of people who work for them tirelessly. They can defend the so called leader with their lives because they believe the person was given to them by gods.

Then the division of the country was continued as the colonialists did. Making sure one part of the country did not agree with the other group. They called it constituencies. These were guarded so jealously and whenever there are signs of the people coming together, the politicians made sure they pointed out the differences and ignited the us versus them philosophy. Very effective indeed.

So before you jump to conclusions and defend the political side you stand for, remember you are just advancing a Greek ideology. The politician is not interested in your children’s children life, but power and retaining that power within themselves forever. That is why, I can tell you, as far as Kenya’s political landscape will go, those that have been in power since independence will be in power even in 2022. Take that to the bank and take a loan on it.