If there is a time that the true identity of a person come out clearly is when a crisis strikes. When things are smooth and well, many people present to us a fake side of themselves. The notion, fake it till you make it becomes a motivation to drive another week. But wait for a crisis.

In time of peace and happiness, people sing, make merry and have parties everywhere. When I think of parties, my mind starts to linger around a famous King years back. The King’s name was called Belshazar. In the midst of happiness, he called a party. A big one for that matter. Partying went on day and through the night. It even reached a point where he called for the vessels from the temple to be brought so that he can drink the alcohol and enjoy with the women who surrounded him in his stupor.

Until a hand appeared on the wall and wrote words that made him pee on himself. He became sober. The partying stopped and he became sober for once. The real person came out. A King who was a baby inside. His loins gave way, just another word for pooping on himself. The hand wrote words translated as ‘weighed, weighed, found wanting’.

In the current catastrophe of Corona virus has put to test every part of humanity. It has stopped the partying that went on in this world. Airports are shut, hotels and tourist travels halted. The world has literally come to a stand still. Everyone and every part of the world has become frozen. The real person comes out. We have sobered once again.

Families have had to live with each other. A woman who treated her husband with contempt and kept cursing her choice, there is no option but to stay locked together at home and keep looking at the choice on a daily basis. For the man who did not like the way his wife behaved and dressed, there is no option but to look at what you chose for yourself daily. A song rings through my mind…’Huyooo ni chaguo lako…..ni chaguo lako…”

But the true test is on leadership. It is time for weighing. I tell you , if this thing goes on biting and stretching us all, many of the leaders will be found wanting. They will fall off the cracks. Only true leaders will stand out, like Daniel who came over and solved the cryptic words written on the wall.

For many years, many leaders have depended on position power. Now even with the big position you hold, it cannot help you control people who have to stay home courtesy of corona virus. Those leaders who were used to people standing up for them, begging them to point of kneeling and worshiping them, have lost all that power. That walk of aura and pride has been rendered useless.

Crisis, brings the best and also the worst in us. Choose you now which one of the two roads you will take.