In the African setting, sayings are said to be the stew that conversations are partaken. One that amazes me is “Information and knowledge opens the door, but wisdom will give you a chair” We also say, ” A wise man opens his mouth to speak because he has something to say, but a fool speaks because he has to say something” Equally it is said, “Every man appears wise until they open their mouth to speak and we know the difference”

Your head holds the software and the processors of what information and knowledge you have. Determining what goes in it is useful. I heard someone say, do not let your hairstyle be more expensive than your head style. How can you have the most expensive Brazilian hair, or the best hair weave, yet you read Face book, Insta gram and Whats’ app where there mind engagement is quite superficial and not deliberate. Lead your head by reading quality and interacting with useful material that speaks to your destiny. On the other hand, prayer and spirituality does not replace laziness. You cannot go around with the mentality of claiming blessings and what the pastor speaks about and sit at home and enjoying the company of the ‘poverty support group’

Spend time sharpening the apertures of your brain. Sweep the corridors of your mind and develop positive processes of thought. Carefully selecting the people who plant seeds and other things in your mind. Guard your mouth for it is the door to your mind. It is the point of exit of what is between your ears and also can be a trigger to what is going to get in. Whoever who has the permission to plant seeds into your mind has the power to change you for the better or for the worse. The quality of the plantation and the seeds that germinate in your mind depends on the quality of the planter. Always strive to improve your quality of thinking and deliberately so.

Never give permission to every hardware to control your software.