Authenticity is the secret

When you imitate someone, you deny that person a chance to experience you. The truth is that a person was made with a unique purpose and function. You have never seen a mango tree running up and down the market shouting and selling its mangoes. It sits comfortably somewhere in a good farm and produces mangoes. The farmer and sellers come all the way to fetch its fruits. Other people go shouting and selling the mango fruits. Being authentic therefore means three things:

Water the source

What do you allow to get to your mind and thoughts? You must have a philosophy that anchors it’s believe on that ‘your hair style must not be expensive than your mind style’ Invest in teachings and readings that boos the tree that produces the fruits. The fertilizer that enriches the soil that impregnates and lets seeds germinate in your mind and thoughts. Whom do you allow to enter your mind? What information and knowledge do you imbibe on a daily basis? That is the difference maker. You become what you allow to colonize your mind, and eventually your character is influenced by those around you. Remember the message, you are always an average of your four best friends.

Be fruitful

Fruits are to be enjoyed. Fruits must be produced in a sweet and enjoyable fashion. When you see a mango full of fruits, you now you never heard the tree cry out in pain while producing them. Being original and authentic means you produce in an effortless and enjoyable way. Always have fun while at it. Forgive me using this example, your true and authentic work can be just like prostitution. You have fun in the work as you make the bucks. It must be effortless and enjoyable.

Roots are firm on the ground

Roots anchor the tree even as it produces fruits. Fruits are never seen at all. They pierce the soil. Going through the rocks and hard surfaces to look for water and nutrients for the tree. They seek to enlarge territories and open up new spaces. Roots endure many stinky spaces, bad odours like sewage and still work hard to keep the tree fruitful. What am I doing here teaching you about Agriculture and science? It is because many of us have failed and given up our lives to fate because we lack the discipline and consistency even when no one is seeing us. Work so hard in secrecy that even when people see the fruits they will know there was work that went into the whole process. Life is not about being cheered and jeered, sometimes the biggest effort will go unseen, because it is beneath the surface. Your character, you personality, your prayers inside closets and those tears behind the curtains. Those are the roots that hold your future. If you become authentic in those secret places, you can stand and face anything in the open.