Dysfunctional teams are simply stressful to any leader. Yet they are a reality of many organizations and projects. But as a team leader, you have the power to change things for the better and create functional teams. From my experience in leading teams, I can confidently say that the following tips can help you create and build the best teams.

  1. Pick the right team members and cultivate their skills – Your team will be as good as the people you allow in through the door
  2. Set clear, smart goals: In case your team does not know where they are going, nothing much will be achieved and teams will never become great.
  3. Facilitate important discussions: Long boring and leader oriented discussions will never build teams. It will be a meeting of two people in the presence of many team members
  4. Foster cooperation: It is in every human being to connect and help another human being. The role of the team leader is to foster this connection through communication and warmth in action not just words.
  5. Hold people accountable: The biggest motivation a team can get is when they achieve small but significant milestones. However, without being held accountable, no team can achieve this motivation. Regular objectively done performance reviews and assigning individuals specific tasks and activities will help them grow and appreciate their day to day job.
  6. Address bad behavior before it gets out of hand: Waiting to scold a team member a year later during appraisal will not help the team. A good team leader will always ensure that every bad behavior is addressed with the promptness it deserves and that the focus is on the behavior and not the person.

At Leadcast Ltd…we work to ensure leadership principles are entrenched in every person in the team. #BecauseLeadersChangeDestinies