Never Under estimate the power of women connecting and coming together at the workplace. I have been the chair for my workplace staff welfare organization for the last two year and I can confirm this for you. In my short career spanning twelve years now, I have had women bosses in more than 75 per cent of that. This has given me a glimpse to the way women act and behave in the workplace. Women are inclined to value the need of connecting and coming together always. They find ways to lift each other.

One occasion which has remain etched in my memory is when there was an element of downsizing in my company. While the men were rushing to the individual corners and everyone whispering how tragic the events were turning, the women were already having meetings. They were coming together and some actually decided to go to the director and petition the decision to downsize and were willing to have a pay cut just to have everyone remain.

I am thrilled by the numerous associations women quickly form. I am always surprised that even as I lead the mainstream welfare association which generally addresses the unique personal issues staff go through, women will have organized themselves around something. There is a baby shower event, there is a bridal shower behind the scenes, and there is a birthday cake being prepared for one of their own and many others.

These networks not only span personal issues, but even investment networks that seek to uplift each other in the society. Recently I had a chance to visit my village and my mother being the women group treasurer was having a meeting at our home of women discussing investment plans. I was thrilled. I simply walked across and congratulated them for the great work they were doing albeit humbly and in the grassroots.

These wonderful networks have a lot of meaning for the organizations and society in general. They serve to bring the harmony and taps on the ancient secret of mankind, unity. It reduces the feeling of competition among the human species and the imaginary battles men tend to associate with success in life. It also cushions the human race from dangers posed by a harsh world. As Simon Sinek always says, the only way people will give it all is when they feel safe among the ‘tribe’. This means women have known this secret.

That is why in my writing in the past, women have all the essential qualities of leadership. They understand the notion of safety in numbers. The need to look out for each other, unlike the testosterone filled atmosphere of competition which men are used to.

No matter which leadership philosophy you subscribe to, reaching out for connections is important since it’s also an indispensable way of identifying bad actors and systemic problems within the company. Harvard Business review notes that, whether you are a first-year employee or a manager, just reach out and make those connections.