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Our Mission is to enable the optimization of individual and corporate leadership potential through delivery of personalized and highly practical training, coaching and mentorship to help people discover, develop and perfect their life purpose Because leaders transform destinies.


About Me

Hi, am Duncan Barkebo founder and lead mentor at Leadcast. I want to help you discover and exploit the leader within you. I have mentored over 1000 people directly and indirectly in my career spanning over 15 years. Experience cannot be bought, but one can only earn or share. In addition, one can only share what they practice and model.

In my leadership journey, I have risen from being a village boy  to being a clinician and now a senior technical advisor in a large Non-Governmental Organization. I have two Masters Degrees in Management and Leadership and starting my PhD in Leadership later in the year.

I have authored a best-selling novel, Memoirs of a Village Boy which has attracted many admirers across the globe.

My online coaching and mentorship program is designed to provide a clear, practical, simple and easy to follow process in growing you as a leader.


Leadership boils down to two words: DECISIVE ACTION.

More and more, people are choosing to take a deliberate decision to embrace what champions have been doing for many years. Having a mentor and a coach. Equally, many people are realizing the futility of classroom trainings or seminars which serve to create an excitement that wanes so easily at the very exit of the class. Practical and experiential learning has become the secret of successful people. Real life challenges requires real life and practical solutions. Mentors act as a rail-guard as you navigate the journey of life while a coach pushes you to the limit and subject you to pressure that will bring out the best in you. 

Many intelligent people fail at their jobs or are not able to operate at maximum potential not because they are bad at their work but because they are not able to lead themselves and transform their lives first, then connect with others. This transformation is always a journey that can be pursued by anyone and achieve tremendous results.

Towards Transforming your Destiny, we will help you learn and put to use immediately knowledge and skills in the following areas:


Clarify thought processes that has brought you here and make informed action


What’s your purpose?


Lead without position


Lead yourself out of Debt


Mind shift strategies


Leading your Marriage


Starting off from Ground Zero


Reposition yourself


Leading Personality dramas


Lead your Money

Our services and products

One on One coaching

This is about unlocking individual potential to maximise performance and enable positive change. By engaging with the our mentors and coaches we will help you realease your untapped potential in a more focussed expedient and sustainable way. 

LeadCast 101 Course

The objective of this introductory course is to show one the simple, concise and easy to follow path towards discovery, development and exploitation of leadership potential.

Group & Individual Training

We work with organizations and schools to help employees and students respectively develop their life purpose through mentorship programs tailored to individual needs. This will not only stimulate intrinsic motivation but also enhance sustained productivity.

What others say about us

“I have learnt to see the big picture in life. One needs to reign in the inner kingdom and adopt a leadership mindset. Hongera LeadCast for helping me find my purpose.”

Nkirote Mwirigi

“Leadcast has completely surpassed our expectations. Leadcast is both attractive and highly adaptable. Thank you so much for your help.”

Alleen R

“I couldn’t have asked for more than this. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. I would be lost without Leadcast.”

Agness W.